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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 153
November 21, 2016

The story continues! With medical terms no one cares about!

Except meeeeee (and DSharp).

I shared some pics of the honeymoon on the facebook page, go ahead and check there if you'd like to see them.

If you don't remember where we last left off, go here. Still waiting on some wedding pics from the photographer, so will post us in our amazing armor when it becomes available :D

Thank you again all you wonderful guest artists who filled in for me during my absence! I had a WONDERFUL wedding day and honeymoon trip.

Now it's back to the grind *cries*

Comics are MWF for the rest of November! <3

Comics of the Week!

Soul's Journey
: A prince finds himself trapped in a wolf's body after running away from home. While his country is at the verge of war with two neighbouring states, Anrak has to figure out the nature of his current condition and find a way to reverse it, so he can regain his actual body and prevent a conflict he so carelessly set in motion. I've got a thing for wolf stories (those of you from my The War of Winds days may remember my love of The North Wind...), and this is no exception!

LaSalle's Legacy
: Jonathan LaSalle admired his deceased father and became captain of a merchant ship to be just like him. Then his half-brother Jared comes into his life, telling him of a zombie pirate who very much would like to see both of them dead thanks to their father's actions. Jonathan and Jared need to overcome their mutual dislike of each other and work together to defeat the zombie pirate. Imagine a Pirates of the Caribbean that wasn't already done to death and still as fun as the first, without the annoying, repetitve bits, and more fun parts, and you have this story. I'm guessing Jenn is tired of the comparison already, and I'll stress the only real similarities are 1) pirates and 2) occasional walking skeletons. XD

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