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June 27, 2016

Yo peeps!

I scored this lovely Colbey portrait for backing my buddy Habs' Patreon! So I'm showing it off and pointing you in his direction. Thanks Habs!

Patreon has been a real game changer for webcomic creators, and we're all so happy that small time (or even big time, for some fantastic creators) crowdfunding has finally shown success with a webcomics' model. For those of you who have been around in the webcomics world for awhile, you might remember early attempts at micro-financing (that's not the right word, but I forget what it's called), where each page cost a penny to read based on a subscription model, etc. People weren't ready to pay small amounts to read a comic, and in the end, multiple tries at subscription models failed utterly, except in cases where there was "enough work" to warrant paying a monthly subscription fee to get access to the manga equivalent of Netflix. Even then, creators were taken advantage of by larger publishers who had the capability to build/maintain such a model.

IMO, what makes Patreon work is that not EVERYONE has to give. Some people can't pay, some people don't want to. But if a small but generous minority has the money and inclination, it works for everyone. It's kind of...altruistic, I guess, in that regard, at least for my set up (where everyone benefits from extra updates). Other major differences between past micro-financing attempts and this (Patreon) is that micro-financing focused on the product; patreon focuses as much on the creator as the product. IE, you guys support me as much as What it Takes, and that means the world to me.

This has somehow become a small essay, so I'll stop now, though I have a ton more to say on the subject. Anyway, please, whenever you can, support the artists! They distill reality to make the world pretty things, and your support lets them/us/me keep doing these things without being poor all the time. It's really wonderful!

Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 109
June 24, 2016

I got distracted with other things, sorry! Finished page will be up on Friday night, but all the important stuff is up now :)

Arthur is referencing Colbey's gun being loaded when Marlin first set everyone up to get captured by Arthur, as a show of loyalty.

It was later brought up in Avalon, page 19.

And this video is highly applicable to the game Arthur and Marlin are playing:

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