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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 84
April 4, 2016

That's what you get for hanging around people, Colbey--immediately attacked. Just go back to your lonesome so the plot can't advance anymore!

One last new SpiderForest comic to announce! Check out Black Mudpuppy, which ran through a completed story previously and is now pursuing a bit of an alternate universe/reboot. Come read about Xolotl, a "former" Aztec god trapped in the body of a salamander, and the weird things that happen around him.

Remember, I'm taking the next 2 weeks off, from April 11-24, but comics this week run M, W, F, thanks to wonderful Patrons! If you have any WiT or post-apocalyptic related art I can put up in the mean time, I'd love to showcase you!

EDIT: two more things! This is a crowdfunding campaign from an amazing group to print a comic that looks ridiculously good. I've known people who are part of this creative team for a good many years now, this is a solid and exciting project to back.

Second, somebody's mom contacted a friend who contacted our research division to help get her son "athlete of the week" at his university. Got a sec to vote? Go here and click on Ryan DaRin. If there was ever a time to use my "internet famousness" for a cause, the time is now. Help this mom out! EDIT2: sorry dude and his mom, I am not famous enough :(

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