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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 58
January 20, 2016

The original goal for A SIT-E in APPLEYS was quite idealistic.

Then the world ended! And pragmatic businessmen decided what's what.

But now you know what the flower means!

So, I posted on Patreon late last week, but no one has responded, so I'll repeat it here. Patreon has recently changed how pledge totals display on the profile page (and I posted about this previously). Rather than showing total pledges, the amount shown includes taxes and fees--what I actually get.

Due to the complication in adjusting the goal totals to reflect the change, I'm strongly considering just using the patreon total as shown on the WiT profile page (~$183) as opposed to the pledge total (~$202). However, this will knock the WiT schedule back down to only two extra monday updates per month. I unfortunately can't anticipate taxes/fees as it's different depending on credit cards, paypal, and whether pledges even go through.

If patrons are ok with that change to use the taxes/fees total, I'll do it. If you are not, I'll stick with what I'm doing, and use the pledge total (which isn't really shown, I have to go and find it), which puts us at the 3 extra updates goal. Just please let me know.

Don't forget, my bestie's book titled The Seamstress and the Sable Knight is available for $0.99 for kindle. Happy one year anniversary, SnS! It's a really fun novel full of great moments, battle, fantasy, and fantastic romance.

Second, SpiderForest is accepting applications for new members starting on February 1st! If you make a webcomic that is more than 15 pages, updated regularly, and would fit well with our current line up, check out what we offer! It's a really great community, and I've been a member here since, what, 2006? You couldn't pay me to leave. Great people, great comics. If you don't make a comic, tell your friends who do!

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