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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 17
September 18, 2015

Not yet, but soooooon. Maybe? *cackles* The next page will be on WEDNESDAY, so see you then! This story is moving quite fast now that it's MWF 2x a month, wow. I'm not sure if it seems like it to you, but it does on my side.

SpiderForest is finally ready to announce our new members! I'll be introducing them in waves, 3 at a time, so you all can have a good long chance to check them out.

First up, Ensanguine! The blood of a child--who was experimented upon by an ethically challenged scientist--gains the ability to cure all disease. That boy grows up, terrified of others learning his secret ability. But what happens when the word starts to get out, and the good doctor's failed experiments start getting discovered?

Daniel! Set in 1930's Illinois, Daniel is some poor, sincere young man attempting to woo a lady out of his league. When her jealous wanna-be boyfriend attempts to ice the poor kid, he shows up a few months later as a vampire bent on beautiful, beautiful, revenge. CONTENT WARNING--graphic violence.

Heracles Knot! The magical/paranormal world is colliding with our own, and we have our own secret organization tasked with handling the overflow. But these fey-touched youngsters may have just stumbled into a conspiracy--these magical beings are being infected, and that infection is causing the normally shy creatures to start killing.

Ok, well, those are my personal feelings on the story! Read their about pages if you want more. :D

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