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Arc 19 - Punctuated Equilibrium - Page 36
July 10, 2015

Vote to see the first City Colbey discovers! It's really dorky. But you guys seem to like these kind of vote incentives more than seeing the next page early, so I guess I'll stick with them.

This page was done entirely in Manga Studio, compared to half and half (MS+ Photoshop for text). The text controls in Manga Studio still really suck, but I think I at least got things to work for the first time ever. I admit, the MS word balloon capabilities are WAY nicer than how I just hand draw them. When it comes time for prepping pages for print, I'll likely go back and redo all the balloons with MS.

This arc is over in a few pages, and then I'll take a week off to prepare for the next (final) chapter. Which like I've been saying, is long.

When I started this story, I imagined a 3-4 year journey. It's now been officially 5.5. Another half year, and it'll finally be done! WHOOOOOOOO

Hope you're liking the journey so far!

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