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Like I said...
July 15, 2014

...never know until you try. So here's my Patreon! I'll give it a month or so. If we never make it to even the first milestone, I'll scrap it.

But just FYI, some cool stuff is offered. Up to 2 extra updates/month, and new 3-5 page original stories. The extra updates would be available to all readers, the extra stories to patrons only.

My hope it that we reach the 1st milestone and I can move this over to a sidebar instead of keeping it in this obnoxious location...

Arc 16 - First Contact - Page 5
July 11, 2014

Peter, what are you doing out there bro? It doesn't seem safe at all! And to see just how unsafe, vote to see the next page early!

Could the events of What it Takes come to pass? It's the first article to talk about it. Get that bug out bag ready, folks! :P So long as it doesn't come too soon because tonight I am nursing some excruciatingly painful wrist tendonitis, and I can't hold a machete D:

So thoughts about Patreon seem quite mixed. You never know until you try, so I'll probably attempt it shortly. If it falls on its face, no biggie.

In other news, don't forget that SpiderForest is accepting applications for self-hosted new members until July 24th! SF is the home of my comics, a community of awesome and friendly webcomic creators, and my favorite place on the internet to be.

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