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Arc 16 - First Contact - Page 4
July 9, 2014

My, that's a strange, random pile of bones. Ah, so long ago!

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I'm trying to start up a discussion about Patreon, since it's been readers who have been encouraging me to start one for a few months. I wrote a little about my feelings on the subject on the previous update, and I appreciate the comments so far.

Specifically, I was thinking that should I go forward with it, the maximum donation amount monthly would be $5, with the recommended being $1-2. Perks would be access to updates early whenever available. For example, the next 4 pages are already in the buffer, and I'd have them up for early viewing to donators. If milestones were met, there would be extra monday updates. That's really all I was thinking, because it can't be more than I accomplish, y'know? And I'm really not a fan of offering stuff like buttons/stickers/posters, because I would want any donations to straight into comic production, NOT into making perks to entice people to become patrons.

But if everyone prefers [and trusts] my meter'd fundraising when I do it, and buying downloadable content, I guess I'd just stick with that. So far the only comments have said to stick with what I've got. :)

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