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Arc 14 - Peter's Middle Name - Page 16
November 20, 2013

It's still Wednesday for another 45 minutes!

Apologies for lateness, it's been a full week.

This page makes me wonder if I'm getting the right body language across. The right expressions. The right subtext.

But as I've been told many times before, I don't make things apparent enough, so for those who aren't getting what's going on, answers shortly.

And by shortly, I mean like 15 pages. Relatively shortly.

Since I'm comic of the week this week, how about you guys go check out ALL the comics that are a part of SpiderForest?

Page 15 on the way
November 20, 2013

Yo, it'll be up wednesday night. Come back soooon.
Comic Creators for Freedom
November 14, 2013

Welp, there may not be any comics this week due to the horror that is "Grant Writing," but I figure I can at least amuse you with my submission to this year's Comic Creators for Freedom submission. Theme? Awkward school photos. I present to you 6th grade Colbey, wearing that hideous sweater I wore in my own 6th grade school photo. Weren't the 90's wonderful?

In case you didn't know, the CC4F is a drive to raise money to help the victims of human trafficking. Slavery still exists in this world, and especially the sexual exploitation of women and children. I personally can think of very things that disgust more sexual slavery, so I've participated each year in this event. It's not much, but I try. I encourage you to read up on it.

I also didn't want to miss out on sharing with you this week's SpiderForest Comic of the Week: Snow By Night. This comic is pretty damn amazing in both art and writing, and takes place in an alternate 1800's North America. Snow by Night is a manitou, a spirit, and the daughter of winter on a quest to "find her heart." She encounters two scoundrel thieves, one of whom starts to fall for her, and the other who can't seem to think she's more than a weather-controlling resource to help him steal things (but we hold out hope he's got a conscience down there somewhere). There's also alchemists, maiden-eating unicorns, and a whole world to explore in the Almanac. This story is highly recommended and is on my normal reading list. Check it out!

Comics return next week, hopefully. Can't wait until Thanksgiving when I'll have a day or two to breathe.

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