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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 33
August 26, 2013

Happy monday everyone! We are $13 away from a M-F What it Takes week! Tomorrow's page is already scheduled, and we're $22 toward a Thursday page. The updated total is $184 (meter)+118(books)=$302, +$13 more for Thursday page, goal total of $315). Only $98 more to go until that bill is paid in full! The bill is due on Friday, but since I'm doubting to raise that much in just a few days, I'm going to let the fundraising go into next week, and make up the extra amount out of bills not due until mid-month. I think this will work. Hopefully. <3

Please note, there is only ONE more complete set of all five books left. First come, first serve! There's still quite a few of Arc 1, 4 and 5, but Arcs 2+3 are basically sold out.

As for today's page...foreshadowing or guilt? I thought you said it was an easy decision, Marlin.

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