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Arc 12 - The Hardest Virtue - Page 15
January 18, 2013

Vote to see line art to a wallpaper that will be available sometime on Friday!

Oh? What's this? Another mention of events that happened in the Arc 5 Extension! If you want to know the full story (only a little more will be mentioned) you can purchase the Extension for $5 at right using paypal. It's a 11-page story with 1 illustration/page, narrated by Colbey and occurs directly after the end of Arc 5.

And remember, back then, Colbey told Bob and Primrose her name was Tina. There is no reason why Bob should know who she is. And it's not like an easy guess either--Colbey ain't exactly a common name! Especially for a girl.

In other news, it is Friday. Thank goodness. Tune in on Monday for a special 2-year anniversary thingy! And if you check back later today, odds are a wallpaper will be available for download.

EDIT! Speaking of that wallpaper, here it is!

I only have 2 sizes up currently, but post a comment with your desired resolution and I'll make it to fit. I will not be able to do extra pages for awhile, OR the extra downloadable story I wanted to make, at least not until late spring/early summer.

However, if anyone likes the wallpaper or the comic enough to donate and amount you want, it would be much appreciated this month. Comics are how I make ends meet and quite frankly, how I afford food and gas, and when I can't put in extra time to make extra stuff, I don't make that extra money. Fridge is empty and any amount donated would be appreciated. You can use the donate button at the bottom of the sidebar at right -->

Thanks any who can, no worries for those of you who want to but are in the same situation. Catch ya on Monday!

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