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No Comics This Week
April 28, 2010

I have finals! No comics this week, sorry.
Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 4
April 23, 2010

And the action begins!

Will fill this in tomorrow. Sleepy time now. G'night! So, by "tomorrow," I obviously meant Sunday. I am currently procrastinating about writing a term paper on Interferon-Regulated Inhibition of Protein Synthesis (how's that for light reading), so writing this is SO MUCH more attractive right now. Like I said before, this is the arc where WIT earns it's "R" rating. I am VERY excited to draw this scene coming up. We also get introduced to a few new characters pretty soon, one of whom is very important!

The saga of getting arc 1, "My Life Sucks" continues this week. I have used Ka-Blam previously to print my stuff, but I have odd page sizes for this, and wanted it special. So, I went to my local printer who has made me some of the PRETTIEST prints I have ever seen. He's old school though, and I live in a different city now, so it's quite the trial for both of us. It's looking like the issue will be $4, $4.50 with shipping for anyone who would like to order. There are no extras really. This is pure con-fodder.

Speaking of conventions, I'm at Tora-Con this weekend in Rochester, NY, with local buddies Taka of Taka Comics and Mike of The Cow Comic, as well as Michael Poe of Errant Story, Adam Smithee of Apple of Discord, and Yuko Aido and Ananth of Johnny Wander. I first met Aido in 2006 at Tora-Con, back when she still worked on Fallen, one of the first webcomics I ever read. Brings back some good memories! Speaking of which, my first webcomic, The War of Winds turns SIX this Monday. Wow, what a time it has been with that comic.

Back to Tora-Con however, there was some FANTASTIC cosplaying going on. I've never been into cosplay, but damn, the effort put into these boggles my mind! Check these out: Kakashi, Jiraiya. (Two of my 3 favorite anime characters, if I had to choose. (Now I just need to find a Piccolo...) I haven't watched a lot of anime other than the "classic" stuff I had no idea who half of those people were dressed as D: I THINK I caught a Vampire Hunter D, and there was even a Kyoshi warrior and Prince Zuko! Okay, geeking out a bit here, and I'll stop.

Check back Wednesday for another page, hopefully. I can't really promise, since it's finals week. I'll try my best. Kez, out.