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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 20
June 1, 2012

Vote to see A SKETCH OF the next page early! Much as I wanted to toss my notes in the trash and finish the next page...that would not have been conducive to doing well in med school. But you can readily glean from the sketch what goes down next.

Ok, Scot, did or didn't you know? Did or didn't you just betray Colbs? You seem to be waffling! ...perhaps there is no correct answer? At least ONE of you readers is on the right track here. And I hope you remember the "don't answer your phone" flashback.

If all goes well, by the time most of you check in for your Friday WiT fix, I will already be done with my last exam of my first year of med school. 7:45am exam. WTF. I tell you, I am very much looking forward to taking a goodly-large chunk of time and pounding out some comics without the threat of exams or classes looming overhead.

Since today is also June 1 (uh, what happened to May? It kind of just blew by...), the Chip-in shifts to Monday updates again! Because of burn-out I am not offering Tuesday or Thursday extra updates for June, just Mondays (for 3x a week total). Since we're $10 over for May, it transitions to June. So $10 more is an update on June 4th. Of course, random tips are still appreciated; you can donate to me without entering it into the chip-in by using the "donate" button in the lower right sidebar.

The SpiderForest comic of the week is LeyLines, by Robin Dempsey (ALSO the creator of Shades of Grey)! Ever since this comic started it's been on my must-read list, and it's now updating MWF too! Here's the story synopsis: "Three siblings from a broken family are caught in the conspiracy that claimed their mother's life. To save their family and nation, they seek out ancient gods for answers -- but the gods give nothing for free. "

Jump to the first page here! (work safe) There are living dreams, strange gods, and such a rich, rich fantasy world. Highly recommended!

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome weekend.