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Arc 10 - Underhanded - Page 17
May 25, 2012

Vote to see A SKETCH of the next page! Didn't quite have the time to get the page finished due to humungo exam today. It will be up by Saturday sometime though!

Scot, what is UP with you? Jeez, why can't you just be happy for Colbey?? And damn, it's not like I get to draw her happy very often! Quit ruining the mood!

The SpiderForest comic of the week is Footloose! It is rare for me to come across such a hilarious story-based comic. Most humor comics seem to be one-offs, but Footloose offers up a rich world, almost like Harry Potter on crack. And I say that in a GOOD way, because, well, I'm not a HP fan. I found it rather boring and unamusing. Well, really sucking at my thoughts on this comic, so I'll just toss a synopsis at you--Keti Jones learns the ancient martial art of shoe-throwing/Kung-shoe in the land of Faerie. Also, mecha, magical girls and faerie god mothers. I'm a big fan myself! Go check it out.

More extra pages available next week too! We're 0/$20 for the next one.