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Arc 1 - My Life Sucks - Page 12
February 12, 2010

This page was edited to reflect current character design on January 20, 2017.

SpiderForest comic of the week is a new arrival to the network: Scattered Leaves! This wonderful hand-drawn comic follows the story of a young girl, who after a very tragic ordeal, chooses to grow wings! The price of her new gift however, is her memories--the good and the bad. Awesome premise, check it out!

This arc is more than halfway through! It's somewhat exciting how fast a story can go with multiple updates a week. It may seem slow to you guys, but hey, I've been making an epic fantasy comic that updates once a week, and it takes an entire year to finish one chapter. I'm really liking this format. So much simpler.

In today's update, you can see how I did NOT fall prey to the "binocular cliche." For those who DON'T know, when you look through binocs, you don't see 2 overlapping circles--you see one circle, one circle only (One ping only please. Name the movie! :P). Also a little more about the importance of affiliations here. Ten more strips to go until the end of this arc!

So, in other news, I'm a bit excited for Valentine's day this year! Not because I have a boyfriend (pfft, who has time for that? Ug), but because it's Chinese New Year...and it's the year of the Tiger. That's MY year, folks. I admit, I'm also excited for any chocolate I might receive, as I am a chocolate HOUND. It's somewhat embarrassing. Chocolate and tea are my two addictions. Also, Lost. Okay, and Burn Notice. AND Psych. I don't even have a TV at my apartment! I have to get my little bro to DVR it so I can watch it when I visit the parents. But I ramble, and it's late, and much work to do tomorrow. Always more and more work.

Kez needs a vacation. I'm about to jump ship, run it up to the woods, hollow out my own tree in the Catskills, and tame my very own falcon. Heh. I wonder how many people reading this got THAT obscure reference.

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